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This page highlights Technog's latest offerings and recommended tools for software and hardware development.

Great SDR book!

This is one of the best books that I have found that explains the theory and application of Software Defined Radio technology using the inexpensive RTL-SDR dongle.

NEW!  Technog has its' own GitHub page for sharing software and SDR designs. It can be found at

Best SDR tool available!

Mathworks has introduced a "home" version of their Matlab product for $149. It has the same capabilities as the full commercial product and is the product of choice for SDR design and simulation........without the $30,000.00+ price tag! This is the same level of tool used by organization such as the NSA and others to develop highly sophisticated SDR tools. GNUradio is still the tool for running your SDR in a real-time environment. But, use matlab to design and simulate all of your filters, decimators, demodulators, etc. One thing this tool can do that GNUradio cannot is that it gives you the capability to design your system and move it into a FPGA-based SDR such as the bladeRF. Plus, you can get the $45 simulink add-on modules for Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and other microcontroller products. Clik on the graphic to check it out for yourself!