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This page contains videos and other materials related to Field Radio operations and equipment. These "tips" and "tricks" are used in the field to enhance emergency and field operations when deployed. Enjoy!

Emergency FM Transmitter
This video covers the packaging of the CZE-7C FM transmitter, Slim Jim antenna design, and testing of the transmitter. It introduces SDR# and the use of an AirSpy Software Defined Radio for Spectrum Analysis. Please check out the Amazon store for items referrenced in this video.

Enhanced Grounding
This video demonstrates how to properly ground your radios when working in the field. It teaches you a trick using chemistry to enhance ground conductivity. It also shows you recommendations for proper grounding of the vehicle.

UHF/VHF Tiger Tail
Have you ever wanted better performance from your HT when in the field? Then consider adding a "Tiger Tail" to your HT antenna so as to complete the dipole. A "Tiger Tail" functions as the missing radial (or other half of the dipole) for your HT antenna. This video explains what it is and how to make one.