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Emergency Field Communications
Technog, inc. is committed to supporting Emergency and Field Radio operations for general communications use. This includes radios that use the HF, UHF/VHF, CB, Broadband Hamnet, and FRS/GMRS bands. "When all else fails, HAMS get through".
Traditional civilian emergency radio operations are geared to support the local Emergency Operations Center (EOC) through organizations such as ARES or the Department of Defense through the MARS components. The served customers in these organizations are the affiliated government entities. Unfortunately, this leaves out the rest of the public and all publicly elected officials outside the emergency response teams.

Partisan groups, also known as "Preppers", are the only organizations reaching out to support the affected communities. Organizations, such as AmRRON, have stepped up to this need and provide trained radio operators to handle communications from the local FRS/GMRS and CB users, to Nation-wide (and International, if needed) users. This coverage provides a reliable alternative to traditional communications, such as cell phones and the Internet, when they go down.